Baby Thor's Adventures

Baby Thor's Adventures

Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Thor's First Beach Adventure!

Two very white people. :)

Testing the waters!

It was cold!

Trying our first bite of watermelon to soothe our little gums (we are getting a tooth in). It was delicious!!

Our first trip to the beach was awesome! Caleb wasn't too sure about the water at first but got used to it after a little bit. We learned to put sun block on before we go to the beach. Caleb stayed white while his Mommy got a little more lobster-colored on her back. I can't wait til he;s old enough to start splashing around but this was a great day!


Caleb's 2 month pictures!

Yes, time again for monthly pictures of my beautiful baby boy. At two months he was already used to his Mommy going to work all night and having play-time with Daddy. And he was in cloth diapers, could laugh, stand on both legs while holding his arms, and could tell Mommy in his own little way how much he hates the camera! :)

Baby Thor's Easter!

I love love love this picture!

Bunny butt!!

The basket from the Easter Bunny!

In his Baby's 1st Easter Outfit!

The basket from the Easter Bunny!

Mommy decided to stick me in some ears with a fuzzy tail and take some pictures...